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November 27th, 2005 A.D. - First Sunday in Advent Mk 13/33-37    November 27th, 2005 A.D. - First Sunday in Advent Mk 13/33-37
Catholic Homilies

November 27th, 2005 A.D.

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First Sunday in Advent Mk 13/33-37


  “Stay awake” is an alarm sounding on the first Sunday of advent. It means many different things, the most important of which is to seize the opportunities of the present moment, prepare for Christmas, prepare for death, yes, surely. But also, and more important, prepare for the kingdom of God whenever it explodes into your life. In Jesus’s view of the kingdom, it is always near, ready to break through the barriers of every day and seize us, impel us, embrace us, challenge us – and especially in Jesus’s view of things the kingdom appears with God’s sweeping love in ordinary daily events: a confused child, a sick friend, a discouraged spouse, a troublesome person on the phone, a demand that seems unfair but where we can do much good with little effort. These are the places to look for God’s loving power.

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  Once upon a time there was a teenage girl named Belinda. She was somewhat interested in a boy named Randolph, a nice boy, a smart boy, a respectful boy, a good Catholic and a good dancer too. You know how many teenage boys are good dancers. Randolph paid no attention to Belinda, but she didn’t care because she wasn’t really sure that she liked him. Then Randolph began to call her on the phone every night for a whole week. Why don’t you call that nice boy back her mother would say, he’s so polite and so respectful. He’s a creep, Belinda insisted. He’s BORING! I hear he’s a good dancer and very sweet, her mother said.. BORING, argued Belinda. Of course she had every intention of calling him back, but she didn’t want to appear too eager because, after all, he hadn’t paid any attention to her for months. Well, finally on Saturday afternoon, she called him back and he wasn’t in. She called him on Sunday afternoon and he still wasn’t in. Furious, she called him Sunday night. I hear you have been calling me on the phone, Randolph, she said in a snippy tone of voice. I’m sorry you didn’t call before, Belinda, he said sadly, I was gonna invite you to the Christmas dance. But I figured you didn’t want to go so I asked someone else. I’m a total space cadet, Belinda admitted. Maybe some other time, Randolph replied.  You never know when Mr. Right is going to call with an invitation to a Christmas dance.

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You never know when Mr. Right is going to call with an invitation to a Christmas dance
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