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November 11 32d Sundy in Ordinary Time Lk 20/27-38
Catholic Homilies
November 11th, 2001

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32d Sundy in Ordinary Time Lk 20/27-38


In this story Jesus is not describing the specifics of the relationships of the genders in heaven. Attempts to elaborate a theory of how the human body behaves in heaven out of this story miss the point completely. Rather the story is about how Jesus dealt with the logic choppers and the legalists who tried to trap him by playing games with the scriptures. While Jesus won the argument, clearly he did not permanently dispose of those who use the bible to impose there rigid ideas on everyone else. While some of the Fundamentalists are especially likely to do this (not all of them by any means) we are not above quoting bits of the bible or of papal documents out of context to force people to agree with us. The story today should serve as warning that Jesus doesn't like that kind of argumentation, especially because it almost always ignores the principle them of his message, that we are all God's beloved children.

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Once upon a time there were some parents who were upset about the soft drink machines in the high school to which their children went. Pop (or soda if you're from a part of the country where they use that odd term) was not good for kids. It kept them from drinking things like (low fat) milk and fruit juices, which were good for them. They demanded that the high school take the machines out of the school. The next thing, one of the juniors said, is that they're going to try to take popcorn out of movie theaters. He was joking, but that was really the next item on the parent’s agenda. They had closed down stores with dirty magazines, they had banned cigarette smoking in the school, now they wanted to get rid of the soft drink machines. They were determined that everyone in the school would lead healthy, wholesome lives, all the time. They'll go after rock music next, a freshman girl protested, you just wait. The kids argued that they needed a little caffeine each day to keep going, indeed a lot of caffeine. We'll make them put in a tea machine, said one of the parents. That's all you need for a quick pick-me-up. Don't they have anything else to do but ruin our lives, the president of the sophomore class complained. So the old retired pastor, the Monsignor who had founded the school, was called in to arbitrate the matter. He suggested that the parents do volunteer work in the inner city with their kids. The parents really didn't want to do that. So, as a compromise, he said that there should be an ice tea machine and a (low fat) milk machine and a fruit juice machine as well as the pop machine. Individual parents could tell their children what to drink and what not to drink. The parents who tried to ban the pop machine were furious. They didn't like democracy very much. Just to show them all the kids went ape over ice tea.

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Just to show them all the kids went ape over ice tea

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